Comfort Shield


Especially suitable for contact lens wearers

Comfort Shield Ampoules-Unidoses 15x 0.3ml
Biomimetic wetting solution for the cornea with special flow properties, without preservatives.

Comfort Shield contains Hylan A, a cross-linked derivative of hyaluronic acid.
-Hylan A is a natural substance and is broken down by the body
Hylan A stabilizes the tear film and improves the wetting capacity
Hylan A supports wound healing and stabilizes the epithelial barrier.

Indications for Comfort Shield
Corneal disorders caused by:
-working at the computer for long periods of time
-long working and driving at night
-contact lens wear (Comfort Shield can be dripped into the eye during contact lens wear)
- Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (Sjögren's syndrome)
-Drug side effects

Corneal lesions, Ortho-K lenses, Dry air (e.g. air conditioning, long distance flying), Avoiding reddened eyes when swimming in chlorinated water

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