Case "Rudolph"

easy to carry glasses case from "Any Di"

With his big dark eyes and pointy little ears, the adorable SunCover Rudolph immediately takes our hearts by storm. The cute button nose and the chic horns complete the look of Rudolph. The handy leather hanger makes it easy to attach to any bag or belt, so your sunglasses are always at the ready. Soft microfiber pads inside clean the lenses and protect them from scratches and dust. The gold-plated hardware gives this casual accessory a classy finish.

Here's how it works: Open the temples, place the lenses on the pads and close the cover tightly. Fold up the glasses at the back of the SunCover and you're done! Thanks to the patented design, the SunCover is suitable for all common glasses shapes and sizes and is available in more than 60 different colors and styles.

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1 pcs.