Case "Piano"

easy to carry glasses case from "Any Di"

Whether classical or modern, the piano is used in every musical genre. We are also enthusiastic about the melodic sounds of the piano and have dedicated an elegant design to the instrument.The glasses case "Piano" made of vegan leather, reminds of dinner dates by candlelight with soft live music in the background and fits perfectly to the romantic note of the Rendez-Vous collection. The 24 carat gold-plated push button underlines the noble design as well as the luxurious standard, for which ANY DI is known as a brand.

This is how it works: place your glasses between the soft, protective microfiber pads of the Luxury Glasses Cover and close the snap. On the back of the SunCover, you can fold the temples of the glasses and easily attach the case anywhere with the help of its hanger.

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1 pcs.