Pure Lens All in One Ha 360ml

All in One lens solution for soft lenses also suitable for silicone hydrogel Maximum humidification

NEW! Purelens Softcare ALL IN ONE HA: Maximum hydration.

Clean, remove protein deposits, disinfect, store, moisten, rinse and eye care with a single solution. With high-quality hyaluronate, speciall also for silicone hydrogel.

Purelens Softcare ALL IN ONE HA: Combination solution for the care and moisturizing of contact lenses, especially recommended for dry eyes.

Due to dry air, working too long at the computer, wearing contact lenses for hours on end, etc., it is becoming increasingly common for contact lens wearers to complain of rubbing and dry eyes, especially in the evening.

This discomfort is caused by insufficient moistening of the eye in unfavourable environmental conditions and too infrequent blinking.

To alleviate this sensation, Purelens Softcare ALL IN ONE HA contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to retain moisture and lay the tear film over the corneal epithelium. It is an efficient moisturizer with long-lasting effect that occurs naturally in our organism.

Purelens Softcare ALL IN ONE HA: Maximum safety

Contamination of contact lenses by microorganisms occurs in 80% of cases due to infection of the contact lens case. That's why Purelens Softcare ALL IN ONE HA includes a proprietary antimicrobial contact lens case with silver ions that prevents microorganisms from multiplying in a moist environment.

Advantages from the wearer's point of view: Increased wearing comfort of the contact lenses, especially in the evening.

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